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Armenia has Ranked Within the Top 10 Safest Destinations in the World had published a very interesting article about Armenia. 

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Armenia is emerging as a prime destination for travelers looking for safety combined with cultural richness. This Eurasian country has been recognized by Numbeo’s 2024 safety index as one of the top ten safest countries globally. Its capital, Yerevan, also is ranking impressively among cities worldwide. Beyond its safety, Armenia beckons with its ancient sites, flavorful cuisine, and dynamic culture, all easily accessible due to the country’s compact size.

Travel enthusiasts are encouraged to venture beyond Yerevan to experience Armenia’s authentic rural charm. According to Susanna Hakobyan, Deputy Head of Armenia’s Tourism Committee, the countryside offers a deeper connection with Armenia’s traditions, history, and culinary delights.

Armenia’s culinary scene reflects its complex history, characterized by a mix of influences and locally sourced ingredients like lentils, wheat, figs, and apricots. The country is renowned for its bread, particularly lavash, a traditional flatbread recognized by UNESCO for its cultural significance. Armenian cuisine also boasts dishes such as dolma and ghapama, highlighting the nation’s culinary diversity and rich traditions.

For those seeking adventure, Armenia’s underrated ski resorts offer an excellent winter getaway. With conditions rivaling the Alps and a range of activities, including skiing and snowboarding, Armenia provides a unique snowy retreat. The ski season, best from December to March, promises excellent slopes and vibrant après-ski experiences.

Festivals are a cornerstone of Armenian culture, offering insights into the nation’s heritage and traditions. From wine and jazz festivals to celebrations of local food and crafts, Armenia hosts numerous events that showcase its rich cultural tapestry. Yerevan Wine Days, in particular, draws visitors with its extensive selection of wines and lively atmosphere.


Armenia’s significance as the first Christian nation is evident in its UNESCO Heritage Sites, which include ancient monasteries and churches that offer a glimpse into the country’s spiritual history and architectural beauty. These sites, alongside the country’s natural landscapes and cultural festivals, make Armenia a must-visit destination for those seeking safety, culture, and adventure.

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