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Ghaltakhchi. St. Hovhannes chapel

Departure: 08:00

Duration: 9-10 hrs.

Price p/p 5000 AMD

Hurry up to book your place ... places are limited ...

Please note that this is a pilgrimage tour, and approximately 3 km of complex hiking is expected.

The village was formerly known as Ghaltakhci in the Alexandrapol province of Yerevan and later in the Leninakan province.The St. Hovhannes chapel is located in the village. It is the sanctuary of Hartagyugh, located on a hill near the village, on one of the inaccessible heights of the Pambak Range. The original, old look of the chapel was not preserved. The powerful St. Hovhannes chapel was blown up three times and burned down during the communist regime and was restored three times by the efforts of the villagers.Hundreds of khachkars have been erected around the chapel in recent years by pilgrims. Most likely the chapel was there before settling here of Western Armenians. As Ghevond Alishan / St Lazar Island / the sanctuary is one of the seven prominent places of pilgrimage in Eastern Armenia. The pilgrimage site is called Ghaltakhchi by the ancient name of the village.

Category: Pilgrimage

Food Options: Not included

Included tickets: There is no need

Guide Language: Armenian

Location #1: Ghaltakhchi