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How To Spend Weekends in Yerevan

Yerevan is an amazing city. Any person feels at the junction of two civilizations – ancient eastern and modern European. And where to go on weekends? How to spend your weekends?

It doesn’t matter if you stay in a luxury hotel or in ordinary apartments, walking along the old streets of the city and admiring the ancient architectural ensembles… Each of you can travel back in time in your thoughts and feel the spirit of history.

What is interesting about Yerevan?Yerevan City Tour Fun Travel Armenia

The capital of Armenia is often called the Pink City, because the walls of many houses and buildings are lined with pink stone of local volcanic origin. Such delicate color shades in architecture give the city warmth and comfort. No one will be bored here.

Must-see sights of Yerevan

Starting from the city center, walk to Republic Square, just a few minutes’ walk away, and admire the majestic architectural ensembles of pink stone. Excursions to this square are better in the morning, so you can calmly and in detail examine the area, feel the spirit of history and tranquility.

After visiting the square, you can head to the building of the Opera House ( Tumanyan Street). The walk will not take much time, a maximum of 15 minutes. Along the way, you will be able to admire the beautiful streets of Yerevan.weekends in Yerevan

Then it is worth proceeding to the Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator. You can go on foot or take a taxi.

Ask a taxi driver (public transport will be less convenient in this direction, especially during peak hours) to take you to the Yerevan brandy factory. It is located at  Isakov Avenue 2. There you will find an unforgettable exciting tour. During this tour you will have the opportunity to taste local wine products . After the tour, everyone will be able to purchase collectible and souvenir bottles of alcoholic beverages in a local store located on the territory of the factory.

Considering the great variety  of sights located in Yerevan, we believe that it is best to go on a tour with a professional guide from Fun Travel Armenia. They will competently plan your leisure time and will be able to focus on the key points of traveling around the city during weekends.

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