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Summer in Armenia

  Although Armenia is not that big compared to neighboring countries, there are surprisingly many things that you can do here at any time of the year. Summer in Armenia is a perfect time for passive and active recreation by the water. There are many swimming pools in Yerevan that are very active in the summer. You can also go to Lake Sevan and spend some wonderful days on the shore of this cold freshwater lake.You can also do paddle boarding on Lake Sevan. This water sport is getting more popular in Armenia. Lake Sevan is the most convenient paddle boarding destination in summer as it is located at an altitude of about 1900 meters above sea level.


Armenia is well-known to many people as the first country to have adopted Christianity as a state religion, and, that is one of the reasons, why Armenia is a country of churches, temples and monasteries. A trip to Armenia will give you an unforgettable and extremely positive experience during which you will discover the whole ancient beauty of this fabulous country. A pilgrimage tour of the most ancient monasteries will give you a chance to have one more memorable vacation.

Armenia is also known for its incredible nature: mountain landscapes, blue-eyed lakes and mysteriously beautiful forests that are all in green in summer.

Besides the monasteries and beautiful nature, Armenia is also famous for the numerous museums and cultural centers that will complement your tour through Armenia and make your rest of 2021 unforgettable!

The weather in Armenia in the summer is just wonderful! It is time when you can see green trees and colorful bright flowers everywhere, when you can hear the birds’ singing and enjoy the smiles of people passing by you, time when magic surrounds you and makes you feel even better.

Summer is the best time of the year for having a vacation in Armenia, as the nature is revealed in all its splendor exactly in summer, it is time when every sight looks even more attractive!

Many festivals will be held in Armenia in the summer of 2021, such as the festivals of eco-tourism, chocolate, honey and berry, watermelons,  the festival of the Armenian national cloth – Taraz, water festival – Vardavar and many others.

Organizing your vacations in Armenia during the Taraz festival in the summer of 2021, you can learn about the Armenian national cloth and reveal the secrets of the Armenian culture.

Armenia has a rich variety of delicious and juicy fruits and berries. It is one of the reasons why so many festivals of fruits and berries are held in summer in Armenia, as during this period of the year you can enjoy the unique taste of apricots, watermelons, raspberries, blueberries, plums, etc.

Armenia is a mountainous country – a real paradise for active rest lovers!

This amazingly beautiful country will provide you with the opportunity to climb a mountain, to paraglide, to raft on a mountain river, to fly in a hot air balloon and much more will become available for you in Armenia – the only thing you need is a desire. A trip to Armenia is a wonderful opportunity to realize your adventurous dreams, become a conqueror of heights, feel freedom, complete unity with nature and enjoy amazing tours full of wonderful sights.


Armenia is a small paradise on earth! Organize your rest in the summer of 2021 to Armenia and become a part of this heaven!

Make  unforgettable memories this summer in Armenia with Fun Travel!

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