Camping Tour in Ishkhanasar & Ukhtasar mountains

Are you a serious camper? Alternatively, are you a wannabe camper? Have you ever considered camping in the grounds of an ancient monastery, on a plateau, overlooking a huge chasm, or inside one of the world’s largest extinct volcanic craters? Have you ever dreamed of seeing with your own eyes the settlements of primitive man or treading the impassable tracks of the Silk Road? If Yes, join us and let us travel on foot, which except the feeling of the tired body will give you the feeling of flight over the time.

Day 1: Siunik Region. Khor Virap monastery (4th c.), Areni (1321) and Noravank (13-14th cc.) monasteries and Karahunj ancient observatory (5 mil. BC). Overnight in Sissian 

Day 2:  Goris town and Verishen village to mountain pass (2128 m)- Khoznavar village- Dinner and overnight in camp on the beach of the lake. Hiking 15 km

Day 3: Ascending the Mt. Mets Ishkhanasar (3550 m), lunch, descending towards Kilisali mountain pass (2794 m), dinner and overnight. Hiking 18 km

Day 4: Hiking to the lake near Mt.Tsghuk, lunch, observing stone carvings (5- 2-th mil. B.C.) round the lake, descending towards Ishkhanasar village. Hiking 20 km. Driving to Sissian dinner and overnight in the hotel in Sissian.

Day 5: Driving to Yerevan, visiting on the way Tatev and Gndevank monasteries. Lunch on the way, dinner and overnight in the hotel in Yerevan.

  • Ishkhanasar & Ukhtasar mountains
  • Food Options: not included
  • Including: Private guide
  • Tickets: not included
  • Category: Camping

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Verishen village

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Kilisali mountain pass

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