Taste of Armenia

Excursion program in Armenia with national cuisine tasting– Armenian food and wine are one of the major ‘landmarks’ of this beautiful country. Present tour itinerary has been specially handpicked skimming original cuisine and millennial traditions, fusion of which shape a unique learning curve of the culture and history of the amazing culinary destination. 

1 day- Yerevan– Arrival in-City tour-History Museum of Armenia

Dish of day: Tolma

2 day-Garni-Geghard Temple of GarniMonastery complex of


Dish of day: Xashlama 

3 day- EjmiatsinMother Cathedral of Ejmiatsin– Vernisaj

Dish of day: Kufta 

4 day-Dilijan-Sevan Monastery of HaghartsinLake Sevan

Dish of day: Sevan Trout

5 day- Khor VirapNoravanq Areni wine factory

 Dish of day: Barbeque 

6 day-Yerevan- Amberd -Brandy Factory (Cognac tasting)

 Dish of day: Khash 

7 day- Transfer to the airport. Departure

  • Ejmiatsin Zvartnots
  • Duration: 7 days/ 6 nights
  • Food Options: included
  • Including: Private guide
  • Tickets: not included
  • Category: Gastronomic

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Additional Information

7 days/ 6 nights

Armenian, Russian, English


History Museum of Armenia

Temple of Garni

Monastery complex of Geghard

Mother Cathedral of Ejmiatsin

Monastery of Haghartsin


Lake Sevan

Khor Virap


Areni wine factory


Brandy Factory (Cognac tasting)

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