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Trip To Kobuleti

Sea Tour in Kobuleti The hotel is 20-30 km away from the sea

Duration: 9 days


Kobuleti is a city in Adjara, western Georgia, located on the east coast of the Black Sea. It is the seat of Kobuleti Municipality, a seaside resort visited by tourists every year. It is especially popular among Armenian tourists. Representatives of 24 different nationalities live together with Georgians in the region. The sandy beach, which is widely sloping towards the sea, is famous for its magnificent views, which are decorated with endemic pines, eucalyptus, bamboo, fir grove, palm groves, cocoa palms. Kobuleti has several rivers. The most important are the Kintrishi River, the Chakvistkal River, the Acharistkali River, the Ochkhamur River, the Achkva River and the Dekhva River.
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9 days
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