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Easter is the day of the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians celebrate this holiday with great enthusiasm.  Armenians often call this holiday , which means ladybird. But the word has no connection with the insect, it means .  Jesus Christ has been separated from the dead people, that is why the holiday is called Zatik. According to the church rules, it is celebrated from March 21 to April 26, the first Sunday after the full moon. This year, Easter is celebrated on April 12

Easter in Armenia

The main and most popular symbol of this wonderful holiday is the painted eggs, which mainly have red colour.It symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ. The most important dishes of Easter table are fish, rice with raisins, greens and wine. 

easter food

The rice symbolizes the people, and the raisins symbolize people who must spread the word of Christ. Jesus Christ and his students ate fish and drank wine, that’s why they are the main symbols of the Easter table. The next delicious meal is Easter cake. 

Easter in Armenia

During  this colourful and happy holiday people organize various public and national events, parties, and celebrations. This holiday is also celebrated by people who have no belief, as the Easter symbolizes spring and the awakening of nature

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