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Why visit Armenia in spring

The most comfortable time for traveling to Armenia is spring. In the end of March the weather is already warm. Little by little roads are getting full by public transport, so you can achieve anywhere in the country easily. Cool and pleasant weather doesn’t make you hide yourself in shadow, so you can admire walking across the streets and exploring historical monuments.


The hints of warm days can be felt in the end of February when the weather becomes warmer and more pleasant. Just imagine how amazing Armenia can be in the Spring, how colorful the the surrounding is.


In the first days of March you even can get a gift from hospitable Armenians, gifts like snowdrops and violets which are the symbols of spring. I the end of the month you can see blooming apricot trees, multi-colored tulips, narcissus and poppies.


Another and maybe the most valuable reason for visiting Armenia in spring: there’re a few tourists. Hotels, air tickets, excursions are cheaper in spring than in summer. So if you want to save money then plan your trip in the first-two months of spring.


Usually in the summer people prefer swimming and having sunbath at seaside. How you can entertain yourself in the spring in Armenia? We advise you to spend a week or two in  Armenian SPA-resorts. There are many high-qualified SPA-centers in our country, where you can get procedures with mineral waters and mud, with reasonable prices.


The best time to enjoy the beauty of Armenian waterfalls is spring, when they have not yet been drained from the summer drought. It’s a must to see most full-flowing waterfall in Armenia, 23-meter Trchkan.


Another beautiful waterfall is in the resort city of Jermuk. But the queen of the hit-parade and at the same time the most picturesque waterfall in the country is the 18-meter Shaki waterfall. 

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