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Ara Mountain Holiday House Trip

Ara Mountain Holiday House Trip

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  • The cost of 1 day stay is AMD 20,000 (the cottage is designed for 4 people)
  • The cost of 1 day stay is AMD 50,000 (the cottage is designed for up to 10-12 people)

Ara Ler guest house

We can reach the Guest House in 40 minutes from Yerevan.

The guesthouse is located in Yernjatap village, Aragatsot region.

There are many beautiful poplars on the territory of Ara mountain guesthouse.

The yard of the guesthouse has a large area, where there is a swing, a pavilion, a kitchen.

The guesthouse has two bathrooms, four bedrooms,  a living room,  a kitchen.

We can climb Ara mountain on foot from Ara mountain guest house.

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, through which the Kasakh river also passes, is also close to the Ara mountain guest house.


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