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Have you ever thought about adventure travailing in Armenia? No?

We present you Lastiver and Yenoqavan, a beautiful place with wonderful views, river, waterfall, caves and handmade wooden houses. The way passes through the forest so the emotions will be on the high level, but of course, they will get strengthened by the unforgettable impression of zip-line flight.The first one in “Yell Extreme Park” is “Zip line”, which enables extreme sport lovers to get from one place to another with the help of the cable and their own power of gravity. “Yell Extreme Park” offers 5 lines, the length of each is 135m, 200m, 268m, 375 m and 750m, the height is 200-300m. The flight from the all lines together takes approximately 1.5 hour. A flight lasts from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. A 15-minute training on safety rules is held before the flight. In order to move from one line to another one should walk 5-20 minutes. 


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