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Khor Virap, Noravank


Khor VirapNoravank, ancient cave (“Birds-Cave”), “Hin Areni” wine factory  


The Tour includes:

– Guide service

– Comfortable vehicle


 It is desirable to pick up warm clothes. Climate in sightseeing may be different from Yerevan Climate, it is also possible it rains in the evening. It is desirable to wear comfortable shoes during the excursion, preferably closed. it is recommended to have a warm jacket, as the climate in the regions can differ from that of Yerevan, and it can be cooler in the evenings. Shoes worn during the tours should be comfortable and preferably closed. While attending churches and monasteries it is advised not to wear revealing clothes and it is preferable for women to have a scarf for covering the head.

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Khor Virap



Hin Areni wine factory

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