Duration 12 days, food 2 times(breakfast and supper)14.07-26.07


Price 400$ eq. AMD

Hotel (8 night)

Day 1

From Yerevan to Batumi,than to city Hopa

Day 2

In the city Hambshen we will spend 6-7 hours, visit to several sights,than from the seaside of Black sea to Alanya’s seaside


We’ll spend unbelievable rest in the seaside of Mediterranan sea

Day 4

Visit to historical places


Rest in the seaside of Mediterranan sea

Day 6

Rest in the seaside of Mediterranan sea

Day 7

In the morning we’ll go to the KIZKALEZI, historical Kilikia

Day 8

Visit to Korikos and other historical places

Day 9

We’ll continue our trip to Trapison( 1 night)


Tour in Trapison

Day 11

Return to Yerevan

The price doesn’t include

Visa to Turkey (8000 dram)

  • Kilikia
  • Duration: 12 Days/ 8 Nights
  • Food Options: Breakfast and supper
  • Including: Private guide
  • Tickets: Not included
  • Category: Tour package

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