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The Road To The West

Lake Tsovak Hyusiso, Kars, Ani, Van, Cruise in Vana Lake, Aghtamar Island (St. Khach Church), Berkri Waterfall

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Duration: 3 days

Package includes:

  • Food (2 meals)
  • Guide ( Armenian)
  • Museum entrance fees
  • Transport (minibus for 15-17 seats)
  • Hotel 4*

Day 1

Departure from Yerevan to the Armenian-Georgian border (Bavra), then Javakhk. Then, crossing the Georgian-Turkish border from Akhalkalak – Kartsakh-Aktash checkpoint (232 km), we will enter Ardahan region. We will continue our journey to glorious Ani, stopping on the way on Tsovak Lake. After passing through the medieval walls of Ani, we will see the Mother Cathedral, St. Amenaprkich, Gagikashen, Tigran Honents, St. Grigor and the ruins of a number of other churches and buildings. Then we will pass through the city of Igdir, the slope of Ararat, the city of Bayazet, the mountain of Tondrak and we will reach the Berkrii waterfall in the Arberan province of  Vaspurakan. Overnight in Van

Day 2

In Van, we will visit Mher’s door, Van’s cat house, Van Tushpa fortress, then we will sail on the beautiful Van lake to Aghtamar island, where the architectural masterpiece St. Khach Church is situated, we will taste the famous Van tarek (fish). Overnight in Van.

Day 3

From Van we will go to Kars and visit Karuts fortress, St. Arakelots Church, Vardan Bridge. Return to Yerevan.

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3days / 2 nights

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